Northern Championship 2018 Manchester.

Emily has had a very tiring weekend . 5 events over 2 days.

Saturday Day 1. Set off 630am for our trip to Manchester and arrived around 9 o’clock just in time  to weigh in Emily’s discus for her competition. In the meantime a quick look around to say he’ll to a few friends and officials we know then straight into warm up for the long jump . The long jump was at 1030 and Emily had 6 jumps with a best jump of 3.54m with all her other jumps around the same distance. We were well pleased with this as it was Emily’s first outdoor long jump competition of the season. It always takes a little time for the change in conditions from indoor to outdoor so well pleased.

Next up the discus at 1215. After a slight delay with Emily’s discus not been taken out to discus cage ( Emily had to go and get it) it was straight into it. A very solid set of throws for Emily with the new rule of the time limit for throws which seemed to hurry Emily a little but Emily just got on with it with a best throw of 18.58m. Again a very consistent set of 6 throws.

After that a spot of lunch followed by watching a few fellow Gateshead Harriers competing around the stadium and then a bit rest.

Last event of the day, the ambulant women’s 100m. Emily as usual had a very fast start out of the blocks and powered down the straight to Finnish third in 15.33s. The time doesn’t reflect the race as it was into a head wind, without that it would have been a bit quicker. A good solid day.

Day 2.

When the timetable was first published we noticed that there was going to be a clash with Emily in the U20 women’s shot put and the ambulant women’s 200m. Both scheduled for around the 3pm start time which obviously Emily couldn’t do at the same time. After talking with Northern Athletics via email it was decided that Emily could compete with the U20 men in the shot put at 1255.

A fantastic series of throws followed  with a seasons best of 8.70m and the other 5 in and around 8 1/2m mark.

Final event was the ambulant women’s 200m. Again Emily powered out of the blocks with a superb bend and again powering down the home straight to finish 3rd in a time of 31.83s.

All in all a great competitive weekend for Emily. 5 events over 2 days. No pbs no gold medals just sheer grit and determination to get stuck in and do her best, something Emily always does.

Next up a weeks traing then a short break then it’s 5/6 weeks preparation and a few big competitions before the CPISRA World Games in Barcelona.

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