Parallel Success Super Series Bedford.

Emily was competing at only her third track meeting of the new outdoor season and was also our first of a good few trips away. Bedford is a place we have always enjoyed competing at . We have been going to Bedford at least twice a year since 2013 ( Emily was  14 ) . We are only planning this visit this year. Anyway. The Parallel Success series is a group of meetings around the country for Para athletes like Emily who get the chance to compete against some of the best up and coming  athletes at various events so this first one for Emily was a great start to the season.

Bedford has a reputation of being a windy track and yes it didn’t disappoint . As soon as we arrived after a near 4hr drive it was obvious there would be hardly any legal wind times in the forthcoming races. Emilys was in the semi final of the women’s 100m at 1150 so after a warm up she headed off to the start. As always , Emily had a great start out of the blocks to power home in a very good time of 15.02 ( +2.9 wind). A good race in her first 100m run of the season.

The final took place at 1450. Again in very blustery  conditions and another great start Emily came home in 15.25s (+3.1 wind).

On to Sunday and the final of the 200m. Again very windy conditions but the sun was still shining Emilys race was at 1100. A powerful start and a very good bend saw Emily finish in 32.48s and surprisingly a legal wind.

A very good weekend and great to meet up with some old and new friends .

Next weekend sees us in Manchester again in a Parallel Success super series meeting, the second of 5 Emily is competing in this year.

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