Northern Athletics Championships Parallel Success Super Series.

Emily was in action again in Manchester over the weekend 1/2 June. It was the second of five Super Series events around the country Emily in intending to compete in during the outdoor season this year.

Not such an early start for traveling this week but we arrived around lunch time . After lunch we got into the warm up area to get ready for the senior women’s shot put competition. Saturdays timetable was very tight for Emily as the senior women’s shot put was due to start at 1500 and then Emily was going to be competing in the ambulant women’s 100m at 1540. In my opinion that isn’t enough time to cool down then re warm up and prepare for the 100m.

Anyway, onto the shot put. Excellent conditions and a full 6 throws for Emily which resulted in Emily getting a great seasons best throw of 8.64m. A very consistent set of throws . There was meant to be 13 women competing but a few didn’t turn up which meant the competition finished slightly earlier than we expected. Also as the track was running slightly late resulted in Emily having a bit more time to warm up for the upcoming ambulant women’s 100m.

Emily had a very strong 100m finishing in 15.36s.

On to Sunday. Again both events were in the afternoon and were originally scheduled for 15 minutes apart, but when we arrived at the stadium we found out the senior women’s discus had been moved back to the last field event of the day ,an hour later than originally expected.

The weather conditions couldn’t have been more different from Saturday. Saturday was warm and sunny at times with almost no wind. Sunday was damp, windy,  cold and raining.

Emilys first event was the ambulant women’s 200m at 1400. Only two athletes in the race and Emily sprinted to win in 32.47s. When Emily crossed the line she turned round and applauded her friend across the line . Proper sportsmanship.

Emilys final event was the senior women’s discus. Poor throwing conditions but Emily responded with excellent throws with a best of 23.45m

A very satisfying weekends competing for Emily. I would say that maybe the people who put together the weekend timetable could be more aware of disabled athletes competing in ambulant and able bodied events. I’m sure they are and it was an oversight on there behalf. It’s very  stressful for disabled athletes when time restraints arise. Hopefully it will by sorted for future events.

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