Scottish National Championships

. What a fantastic day in Grangemouth yesterday. A very relaxed atmosphere , very friendly, and a very well organised meeting all around. 

We travelled up to Grangemouth with plenty of time to spare so Emily could catch a snack before warm up ect. Emilys first event was at 1224 preceded by warm up then call up . Into warm up area and it’s quite busy but plenty of space to do her stuff then off to call room. The event was slightly behind schedule  but Emily headed out to the start for the ambulant women’s 100m final with her fellow competitors. A blasting start saw Emily holding her own up to the half way point and then the T20 girl pulled away to claim a close race win with Emily close behind. 

Like most Para events weather in track or field, the winner doesn’t always get the win. Para events are decided by “ Raza” points. It’s a scoring system that is supposed to make it a fair result across the various classifications in the race. ( in the race there were three different classifications, T20/T37 and T38.) , luckily for Emily she was awarded the Gold medal using the points system .in the past Emily has both won and lost using this method but we were aware of it and you’ve just got to get on with it. 

Next event pretty much followed the 100m . 1315pm The senior women’s discus. Emily was competing alongside all able bodied girls so no repeat of the Raza points. A return to form for Emily with a best throw of 22.43m in increasingly windy conditions.

Lunch time  

 A walk around trackside, we saw a few friends we see around the circuit as it were. Over to warm up, the call room, then over to the shot put circle with again senior girls .  A really solid set of throws with a best of 8.41m sees Emily going in the right direction Nash Emily heads towards the end of her outdoor season. 

We would like to thank the officials and staff of Grangemouth stadium and Scottish Athletics for their help and support and email ect communication during the lead up to the competition. Top class. 

Also to Emilys coaches, Janice Kaufman for sprints and Richard Kaufman for throws. Thank you. 

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