My story…

I have had Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Asthma since birth. I have attended Gateshead Kestrels since the age of 7 where I started swimming. At the age of 9 I had my first taste of competition at the DSE National Short course.  This gave me the incentive I needed to continue swimming and to move into other sports.

I was encouraged to pursue Athletics by Kestrels who arranged for me to join Gateshead Harriers. Once I started competing at Athletics I knew this was the sport for me. I still swim and compete at the DSE Short course every year but on the whole my swimming is extra training to help develop my co ordination and upper body strength for my Athletics.

My Athletics really started to take shape when I was allowed to attend the DSE National Athletics championships when I was 10 as a guest and managed to win my events. The fact that I can win something drives me to succeed even further.

Since then I have continued to compete at DSE events, CP Sport Grand Prix events as well as putting myself up against able bodied athletes to improve my performance.
In 2015 I was selected to represent  England in the CPISRA World Games in Nottingham. I won 4  Gold medals in 100m. 200m. long jump and was part of the 4 x100m Ladies relay team. I also won a Silver medal in shot put . In September 2015 I represented England North East Region at the Sainsburys School Games in Manchester winning a  Silver medal in shot put again.

In September 2016 Emily was once again selected to represent England North East Region at The School Games at Loughbourough University. Emily won a gold medal in shot put and won a silver medal in the 200m.

My ultimate ambition is to be selected for the Paralympics.